The Short Family

The Short Family
Left to right: Family Picture Thanksgiving 2006:Curtis(18), Chelsea(19), Jay, Alena, Zachary(17), Charlie(4), Tamara(16); ages are 2006


Our family welcomes you to our Blog. This is a place where you can read about our lives, happenings, joys, and anything else we feel so inclined to share. As our children leave home and enter a world of opportunity, we hope this blog will keep us connected with each other, and you connected with us. Feel free to comment and share with us on our Blog. As Helen Keller once said,
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.
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The Family - December 2010

The Family - December 2010
(Left toRight) Zach 21; Tami 20; Charlie 8; Chelsea 23; Curt 22; Alena and Jay

November 15, 2007

Brian's Wedding

This is the lovely dress my sister and I wore to Brian's wedding. They are gorgeous and I added a small touch to the picture so that it looks aged (it looks a bit out of focus, but cooler this way). As for Brian's wedding the bride was radiant as ever, and Brian seemed to have a humble appearance. At the Provo Temple while inbetween taking pictures we were introduced to relatives and friends of the bride, and to this day I couldn't account for their names or how they're related. There were so many step cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings it was so hard to keep track of who's who. After all the pictures needed for the relatives, we all went to the Skyroom on BYU's campus, and waited for the bride and groom to appear so we could eat lunch. In the mean time we broke all havock and got all the family riled up wondering why in the world anyone would invite these teenagers to this special event. JUST KIDDING! We were good, and stayed in a corner and talked most of the time to ourselves and a few relatives who crept their way up to meet us. Apparantly Brian had told them lots about us, and we knew absolutely nothing about them. Don't you just love it when that happens! Well as dumb as I felt I was even more dumb founded after our luncheon when Lisa's family (the bride) had a few speakers all praising and adoring my father as the man I wish he was in my life and perhaps he's striving for( but I'm gonna need a bit more proof to agree to those comments), but it just didn't match. All my siblings and I could think was, "He better not mess this one up..." Well, that's all folks! Je t'aime!

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