The Short Family

The Short Family
Left to right: Family Picture Thanksgiving 2006:Curtis(18), Chelsea(19), Jay, Alena, Zachary(17), Charlie(4), Tamara(16); ages are 2006


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The Family - December 2010

The Family - December 2010
(Left toRight) Zach 21; Tami 20; Charlie 8; Chelsea 23; Curt 22; Alena and Jay

March 18, 2008

A Week of Love in the City of Lights

I was a little apprehensive as we boarded the plane in NYC. Although I love to travel and visit new places, this one had me a bit frightened. How would we ever find our way to the hotel. I knew that if I could make it to the hotel, I would be Ok. Navigating my way around a city using the Metro or Subway was no problem, but trying to figure out where we were going, before we even knew where it was located, SCARED me. So, as we left the Plane and entered Europe, anxiety set in. But, as usual, Jay solved it real quick and we got a taxi. Straight to the address that he read off our reservation sheet! Bonjour Paris! The slide show to your right takes you through the sites that we saw. Notre Damn, The Louvre Museum, Champs Elysees, Arc De Triump, Eiffel Tower, the streets of Paris, our hotel and may other stops along the way. Enjoy. I am not sure what the best part of the trip was, maybe getting to be with Jay everyday, holding his hand and loving the place we were at. But, I could think of a favorite for every day. We would lay in bed at night, exhausted and talk about what amazed us most that tour. Then, without fail, Jay would fall asleep before me, snoring like a baby. He slept well. I am sure it was because of all the walking we did. We were both driven to sore feet and calves. The hotel was tiny and quaint with a medieval flair. As you ascended the spiral staircase to your room, a medieval knight greeted you in silver armour. I was routinely surprised by him - I had to laugh at myself, even though I knew he was going to be there. We had twin beds that scooted right up next to each other. We could hold hands! Every street corner looked just like the pictures in my mind. Corner cafe's, streets that come to a full circle, parks, old architecture from the Renaissance, and French people wearing high heeled shoes and black coats. We were in a nice part of town called the Latin Quarter. Shopping was abundant with the locals so we saw a good portion of normal, daily traffic in the city. We were close enough to walk to many of the hot spots for tourists and that allowed us to see the city up close. Jay enjoyed Crepes vendors on all street corners. Do I dare mention that we saw a dinner/dance show?! I took several pictures with Jay's head buried in the tour guide book. I would be looking around, enjoying the scenery and find him with his head down, reading about what we were seeing. He turned out to be a great narrator and I was great at navigating the subway and tour route. We made a great team. It was a dream come true. We were planning our next visit to Europe before we went to bed the last night we were there. Au revoir!


DJ & Becky said...


What a trip. I could just imagine you taking Paris in faster than your legs could carry you. Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts and experiences. Can't wait to hear more in person...

DJ & Becky said...

Jay looks like a local...

DR said...

This is Grnadma. Maybe I have figured out comments. Here we go for my first try.

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