The Short Family

The Short Family
Left to right: Family Picture Thanksgiving 2006:Curtis(18), Chelsea(19), Jay, Alena, Zachary(17), Charlie(4), Tamara(16); ages are 2006


Our family welcomes you to our Blog. This is a place where you can read about our lives, happenings, joys, and anything else we feel so inclined to share. As our children leave home and enter a world of opportunity, we hope this blog will keep us connected with each other, and you connected with us. Feel free to comment and share with us on our Blog. As Helen Keller once said,
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.
We hope you will take this blogging adventure with us.

The Family - December 2010

The Family - December 2010
(Left toRight) Zach 21; Tami 20; Charlie 8; Chelsea 23; Curt 22; Alena and Jay

April 13, 2008

The Annual Gibb Family Easter Egg Hunt

Wow! It is already Easter. Utah is cold this year. There are still snow days but that didn't stop the Easter Bunny or Grandpa and Grandma from having an egg hunt. This year, there were not quite as many little grandkids, yet we still had the same number of eggs, so the hunt was a huge feast for little mouths! Grandpa had built his own version of a teeter-totter, Audri brought her boyfriend home for all to meet, and Marne made the trip down from Brigham City, despite the age of her 'baby'! With Charlie's birthday so close, I thought we could sing him happy birthday with everyone already gathered, and it was actually Sam's birthday so we had two cakes. Chelsea made a butterfly cake decorated with M&M's and it was a huge success. She was home for Spring Break. I have to admit, easter egg hunts seem to bring out smiles in everyone.

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