The Short Family

The Short Family
Left to right: Family Picture Thanksgiving 2006:Curtis(18), Chelsea(19), Jay, Alena, Zachary(17), Charlie(4), Tamara(16); ages are 2006


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The Family - December 2010

The Family - December 2010
(Left toRight) Zach 21; Tami 20; Charlie 8; Chelsea 23; Curt 22; Alena and Jay

April 13, 2008

Breaking Spring Fever!

The second day we've had 60+ degree weather in Ephraim and we take it to the max. It all started with my roommates chilling in the sun being bombarded by water balloons, into fighting water with chocolate pudding, mayonaise, pickle juice, ketchup, and mustard! Thankfully no one was hurt, though many went sliding down our stairway, and everyone pitched in to clean up the mess splattered from the inside of our apartment (top right) through the stairway, side walk, and into the boys apartment (behind the tall guy i the white shirt). Sorry, I didn't catch a picture of me splattered in pudding, but I promise I was very delectable!


Short Family said...

I really do remember those days. I did things like that too. Your aunt Marne was the worst. She would make food fights at home with her famous cookie dough that no one could ever take a bite out of! So, of course, we did and made her mad and soon, flour was flying everywhere! Love those memories.

DnD Gibb said...

Boy, do I ever remember the college food fights and fun times together. Living in the dorms, it wasn't as easy to have access to food unless it was ordered and delivered, like Brick Oven. Food fights at Cannon Center, the cafeteria, would have been a major misdemenor. However, there are always ways found to have fun--even food fights. Enjoy these times as they pass all too quickly. Good luck with your finals. Love, Grma & Grpa

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