The Short Family

The Short Family
Left to right: Family Picture Thanksgiving 2006:Curtis(18), Chelsea(19), Jay, Alena, Zachary(17), Charlie(4), Tamara(16); ages are 2006


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The Family - December 2010

The Family - December 2010
(Left toRight) Zach 21; Tami 20; Charlie 8; Chelsea 23; Curt 22; Alena and Jay

November 08, 2009

Halloween Fun - In Charlie's eyes!

I hope you had fun at our Halloween Party! If you came. Thank you for coming. If you didn't come you should have come because it was suuuuuuuper fun. The only thing that was fun for me was playing with Kyler. Musical chairs was Ciarra who won. I ate junk and I loved Grandma's donuts and Grandpa's rootbeer. I liked having the party at my school because I was at my school. My school is haunted. My favorite costunme was Nick's. He was a king and Aunt Lynelle was his queen mom. Some people I didn't know. Mom says their names are the Green's. (Jeremy and Christianne) This is swiping out my brain to think about writing. I was glad Chelsea and Tami came because they are funny. I got to ride in Tami's truck and that was cool. Love Charlie

We had a great UEA break. Traveling in a motorhome, we drove to Mesa Verde National Park and took in the Anasazi Cave Dwellings I have always wanted to see. What an experience. Charlie was thrilled to climbed up and down cliffs and ladders and crawl in and out of holes and rocks and openings. I have always wanted to see this park so I was in heaven. I teach this stuff at school! From there we stopped at four corners, which is really not the true four courners, and had our pictures taken. Just earlier in the year we had heard news that the original four corners was not geographically correct, but that didn't stop us or the tourist trap! It is still there. I loved shopping in the indian trading posts. Did you know I was born on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon? It was off to Arches, Natural Bridges and Canyonlands. We rented a jeep to see the sites in the back country! Loved it. Loved it.

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Candland Family said...

Alena, It looks like you had an awesome Halloween party!!! I'm so sorry I couldn't go it was right after chemo and I just wasn't feeling up to it! It looks like you had fun on your trip too. Tyson and I would love to go and do that same trip, maybe someday! Anyway we love you guys, take care!

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